Friday, July 11, 2008

Phantom, 12 years later

Duane and I recently enjoyed for the second time "Phantom of the Opera" which we had seen 12 years ago, the first time it came to town. And as we were discussing how awesome it truely was the conversation skewed to what life was like 12 years ago for our then little family.

So here you go, 12 things that have changed for the Summers Family since Phantom was last in town:

1. We went from 1 lonely child to 7 monkeys
2. Duane lost 1/2 his hair
3. I've gained 1/2 my weight
4. Duane finished his masters degree and got his CPA
5. I have more than several gray hairs, thanks mom!
6. We own our 2nd home, the one we'll stay in
7. I drive! (a little embarrassing, got liscences at 21)
8. Instead of Little Bear on Nick JR. 24/7 it's now Hannah Montana on Disney chanel 24/7
9. Jonas Brothers replaced Hanson
10. Ballet is the choice "playtime"
11. Cancer is now a part of our life
12. Laundry, dishes and trash volumes

And since some things never change, here are 12 things that havn't changed since Phantom was last in town:

1. Molly still thinks she rules the roost
2.Duane and I are still madly in love
3. Jessie is still my bestest bud
4. peanut butter and chocolate is still a reason to live
5. Duane can't sit still
6. my hair is still long, straight and boring
7. I hate laundry, dishes and trash
8. Phantom of the Opera is still my favorite play/musical
9. Little Bear can still be seen
10. Some size of a child still sleeps in our bed each night
11. Poopy diapers
12. My incredible love for my family


Lindsay said...

Thanks for your blog! I just love reading it!

Lisa said...

I'm jealous! I had tickets to go but couldn't make it. I have never seen it. Oh well, some day!

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