Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I go potty a la toilet-Potty Training of a French Ballerina

This is Hannah, whom we call Helga. Ever see Hey Arnold? "Move it Football Head!". Anyway, we believe Hannah is a combination of Helga Pataki and a French ballerina. This week our 2-year old Brutus potty trained and now goes potty "a la toilet". As a mom of 7, having potty trained 5 previous children this should have been a no brainer. Yeah, OK, so not the case. The stubbornness of Helga would not let the process "flow" easily. Now enter the French Ballerina side of Hannah. With a little help from Ms. Farry telling Hannah that ballerinas don't wear diapers, she now goes a la toilet. We love ballet, this being the #1 reason at the moment! And for your enjoyment a little Hannah-Helga-French Ballerina clip from her first ballet class.

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