Monday, July 28, 2008

Muffin tin Monday & a few sappy thoughts

Oh I'm just drooling looking at this weeks picture of our Muffin tin. In our house sandwiches as a staple for lunch so we played around with the muffin tin idea and made muffin tin sandwich sides. Fresh cherries, white peaches(so sweet!), avocado's, carrots and pretzels, yum and yum and yum and yum!!! Next muffin tin Monday needs to have a breakfast theme, cereal is just so not cutting it anymore.
This past week I did a lot of thinking. I know you smell smoke, anyway I decided that sometimes life just sucks, cancer sucks, but mostly life is full of these moments, sweet moments between a dad and two of his girls. I love this picture of Hannah, Duane and Grace, sweet and precious just doesn't do it justice. This says it all about my beloved Husband who is living his life today! Not waiting until tomorrow to cuddle with his kids, or play softball, or be that seminary teacher that he always dreamed of being. My friends you need to read the first presidency message by President Monson in the August Ensign. At first I really didn't take it the way I should, but the more I thought an thought this week(yes smoke did appear) I grew to love the message from our prophet. Joni this was for us, kiss our kids, love our kids, be like Duane and cuddle all you can! Love you guys lots!


Joni said...

Hi Becky,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really needed to read that article from Pres. Monson. I cried all the way through. Not because I was sad, but because of the tender teaching of a Heavenly Father who knows me so well. This quote from Pres. Monson will now hang on my fridge, above my sewing machine, and anywhere else that it can't be avoided, "If we live only for tomorrow, we'll eventually have a lot of empty yesterdays."

Thanks again.


p.s. The blog of my friend Ginger who passed away is There are nearly 80 comments on her last post. Get a tissue. :*(

Renna said...

Becky, thank you for your comment on my blog today. You have a very nice place here, and a beautiful family!

Mia's Mama said...

Mmmm I could dive right into your tin! :)

Lindsay said...

Loved it too! Thanks for your thoughts. Did you know we are VT partners again? Yeah!

Cindy said...

You look good Daddy! You look handsome in that picture.


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