Monday, April 5, 2010

The ugly egg, almost

We dipped, we waited, we re-dipped then just gave a great big huff! This years attempt to create "Daddy's ugly egg" was just plain rotten, stinky to the core. Now granted it's not the pretty bright pink like it's neighbor egg or the vibrant turquoise like another fellow egg, but it sure is far from UGLY!
We dyed more than 3 dozen of the the little suckers, and had a mildly stressed fun time. Mildly stressed because well, your dealing with dye and 7 children, stress goes hand in hand with the given circumstance. Only one vat of dye was spilled (vat just sounds better than the little cup it actually was). The bright blue dye attempted to color the white stripped shirt it spilled on, but thanks to my supermom speed that shirt was whipped off the child faster then they could muster up a good holler at the sibling who did the spilling.

And after all the eggs were done, nothing came close to honoring our daddy correctly!!

A little odd that we would choose "Daddy's ugly egg" as our way to include his memories in the Easter holiday. He wasn't an ugly man or didn't even have an ugly bone in his body, but we wouldn't have chosen any other way to remember Duane. He was a little kid at heart, loved to dye the eggs just as much or even more than the kids. He would stripe them, try to create the most festive ideal Easter egg you could think of. But one year, many years ago, his attempt to create the picturesque egg went horridly wrong. The mixture of too many colors, the wrong color combinations and maybe just fated luck, the ugliest egg we had ever seen was created. We LOVED IT!! And so every year he would save the last egg to create "Daddy's ugly egg". A tradition was born and happily continued on my his monkeys. It brings smiles to our faces, happy memories to our minds, all because of one silly little ugly egg.

Each day to live....

Finding the little things in the day that make me smile.

Duane's last Dance

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