Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jo Bro's*(insert teeny bopper scream here)* We Love You!

Nothing sums up last night quite like my Katie Rose. I treated the ladies with concert tickets to see our favorite boy band, The Jonas Brothers, and yes I meant "our favorite", I love them too!

You need to watch the videos in order to truly get the jest of Katie's frenzy. The first one cracks me up, the pure 100% delight and euphoria, they were simply just rising out of the stage.

This next one I decided to show you not because of the fantastic camera workmanship but the fact that Katie was shaking by arm silly! I swear between her and Molly I was brutally beaten. They both kept slapping my arm with excitement. And don't get me wrong, Molly was EQUALLY excited just not as frantic about her excitement. It was straight from the Beatles mania i swear!

This last video I think she was about to take flight! Watch her hands and her facial expressions. I laughed so hard, about to pee my pants hard.


Yesterday I noticed that my diamond solitaire was missing from my wedding set. To say the least I was beside myself, looking and praying that the little diamond would be found. But so far no such luck, it really could be anywhere in the house or worse out in the world. I guess I don't really have to express to much how devastating this has been, but to find the silver lining and grace from God, since obviously it was going to fall out I'm so thankful that it fell out on the same day we went to see the Jonas Brothers. The complete sorrow and devastation was lifted away as I watched those 3 boys perform their hearts out.


So Jo Bros, thank you, and WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

One year older and wiser too....

Today my Benny Boo Boo turned 13. He wanted aviator sunglasses and "cool clothes, you know mom, shirts that don't hand down real low like I'm 6 feet tall but I'm not" and yes he was that particular, shoot me now. He also had to share his special day with Father's Day, a very weepy day in the Summers home.
One year ago my little man still let his mom pick out his clothes, choose his hair cut and he played with bugs named Fred.

One year later my 13 year old young man went to Abercrombie, got a shag hair cut(blech) and would rather look at cute girls, be cool and try not to be too much of a dork.

Bye bye my little man.

Good bye to a lose of innocence one that no 13 year old boy should go through.

But as the song goes, "one year older and wiser too..."
Happy Birthday to you!
I love you Ben, I'm proud of you and of how much you've grown up. You are wiser and wittier and wackier and 100% completely WONDERFUL!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nam Hai-Lesson Learned

If you happened to be from my neck of the woods, cook with an ethnic twist, or are just a glutton for olfactory punishment you know the store Nam Hai. Often I have frequented there, mostly for special soy sauce, curry or yellow split peas. Often I have taken a deep breath upon entering the store and braced for the worst. Never have I experienced what happened today.

After a fun lunch with three of my monkeys Jack, Hannah and Emma (I've been almost naked lately with the kids being scattered so much), I decided to run across the street to the stinky fish store as Jack calls it. All the noses present had experienced the Nam Hai aroma but today even my seasoned nose/brain connection cried out to the Heavens for relief!

One minute in the store, kid you not, I looked down at my regurgitating sensitive child Emma, (with almost that same expression on her face as in the pic) as she said "oh, it tinky!". Thank goodness for small blessings and baggies of cheerios in my purse, I was able to catch the nauseated child's vomit. Yes it was that smelly. So lesson learned, Emma is cordially uninvited to join me on my next trip to the stinky fish store.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


....... he was playing 12 year old boy dress up with Christian.

.....he won them at the claw machine at Wal-Mart.

.......he couldn't find the bottoms so he wore the top instead.

........he thought it would make the most awesome, grande banana phone EVER!
And his momma misses him while he's at scout camp because.....
.....he's just my BEN!
Love ya buddy.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Molly Smiles

You would think by now that I would be prepared and carry with me an arsenal of tissues. My eyes leak so often that whenever Hannah or Emma see me teary they automatically say, "You miss Dada?" Unfortunately they're right 99.9% of the time that I'm crying.


This recital weekend was no exception except the tears were 100% missing Duane. I should have known, Friday night was definitely a tear jerker for me and all around me, heck, anyone who knew our loved Duane couldn't help but be touched by his oldest daughters, my Miss Molly doing a beautiful dance tribute to her daddy.


"Molly Smiles" was just not any song chosen. This past Christmas Molly was given the gift of solo lessons and a solo performance at this years Pointe Night.(a gift because of the extra time and love her dance teacher Ms. Farry would be putting forth) When I talked to Ms. Farry not only was she on board but she had had a dream a few days prior about Molly dancing to "Molly Smiles". A true inspiration from our Father in Heaven I'm sure.

Despite the tears this year recital was just wonderful. The dancing and music was entertaining but the family support and love stole the show for me. Uncle Darrell came in from Colorado to watch the ladies and Jack perform (Ben opted not to this year which was wise since he was sick this weekend with a 103 fever). Grandparents, aunts and uncles and this year a new addition a cousin Zack all supported the kids through three separate 2 hour recitals, now that's love. Let's not forget my dear friend Jessie that took care of the little ladies, changed 2 mother load poopies and 2 hysterical Emma barfs, yes she is a true BFF(couldn't resist the slang).

Here's the video of Molly dancing to "Molly Smiles". Sorry, it's not that great, I was crying and nervous for Molly and trying to hold still all at the same time. Not a great video combination. I love my Molly and am so proud of her these past almost 7 months. She has shown not just outer beauty but her inner beauty especially when my Molly Smiles.

Each day to live....

Finding the little things in the day that make me smile.

Duane's last Dance

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