Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Name that bug

Meet Ben and his new friend "Joe". While dad was catching a great pop fly and making a fabulous run for home base, Ben was doing what he does best at sporting events, playing with bugs.
Rewind 6 years, little Ben was in the middle of a flag football game when something caught his attention. Was it the football or another team mate, no it was a dragonfly. The game was a million miles away, all little Ben was concerned with was how cool that dragonfly looked.

Fast forward, Jack found this amazingly large and creepy looking bug at Duane's Tuesday night softball game. Although he found it fascinating Ben was the only crazy one willing to pick up Joe and become friends. So what kind of bug is Joe I wonder. Anyone? Anyone? Really I would like to know. If there are any entomologist out there willing to help this mom look cool in her 12 year old son's eyes, just drop me a line.


Shannon said...

Thanks Becky! We have been real fortunate! The neighbors across the street have an infestation of several different types of bees etc... I look forward to learning more about bugs with Josh...he's 4 now. I appreciate the help.

By the way...your family is beautiful!

Lisa said...

Ummm, I think that it called bug ugly! I'm glad someone loves him. I hope he doesn't escape in the middle of the night! He could wake up on your nose! Hey, what can I say . . . I'm here for you!

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