Friday, December 26, 2008

The Key to My Heart

First of all, Hi! Blogging has been difficult lately and I miss it like I would miss peanut butter and chocolate ice cream if they took it off the market. So many sad happy moments have occurred in the Summers home that I have failed to blog, but I'm sure it's not the end of the world.
When my little sister Megan was 16 she had a tumor removed from her brain, it was a difficult time in our family. She now is healthy, married and expecting her first baby in March. Since the surgery she has experienced some side effects, one of them being the lack of remembering dreams. Weird huh? Although I would love to forget many a dream I have had, namely any involving snakes or the boogie man.
A few weeks ago Meg had a dream that she remembered, this dream has led to being the best present I could have received this Christmas. In her dream Duane came to her and handed her a huge wade of cash. He told her to go to James Avery(jewelry store) and buy the Key To My Heart. When she woke up the next morning she was 1. amazed that she had remembered a dream and 2. not quite sure what the Key To My Heart at James Avery was. That day she received her James Avery catalog, being an avid charm bracelet lover, flipped to the charm section first. And there in the catalog was a charm, this very charm at the top of the screen, and the one present this year that has made me cry tears of joy and sorrow.
The Key To My Heart! I held the key to Duane's heart, that was spoken to me loud and clear, thanks to my little sister's dream, not just any dream, a visit from my love. To solidify even more the reality of this present, that very day, according to my mom I was doubting(yes, I know, how could I) Duane's love for me. I was being a silly billy, worrying that when he had his eyes opened he would realize how one sided our marriage was, well at least that's what I worried. He did so much for me, more than I really thought, and now that he was gone I was so regretful of not thanking him more. I worried that he would think "Man was I duped by that woman.", so that night Megan had her dream, my mom bought the charm for Duane, and I now hold the key to Duane's heart.
This Christmas will be memorable for some good and sad reasons, and I have to admit the good were great! I love you Duane, I love you all!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Random Smiles With Miss Em

You know, I'm not EVEN going to pretend that smiling and having fun is at the top of my list lately, for some odd reason it's actually been an effort to squeeze a chuckle or crack a smile(that sounds a little like 12 year old boy humor, sorry). Emma has made made it a tad bit easier to smile that frown away.
Example number one, her strong desire as of late to go into the sanitation industry. She has a fascination for the trash, playing in it, eating from it(yes Emma adjacent to trash is still trash), and her new career choice, carting it around like the trash woman she longs to be. So proud Em, so proud!

Examples number two and three, Captain Underpants!

Sorry Danielle, I think Emma is now the new Fashionista. She loves to get dressed and undressed, well undressed definitely comes before dressed. The girl would be naked 24/7 if her mother would let her. Panties over her clothes is her new fashion statement, and she wears it like that often. Dear sweet Emma, thanks for the chuckles and smiles, it feels good.

Each day to live....

Finding the little things in the day that make me smile.

Duane's last Dance

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