Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Baby

Happy 1st Birthday Emma! Our lucky number seven. Our family had been blessed you chose to join us. Now let the festivities begin, let her eat cake!

Chocolate overload, chocolate overload! It's ok Emma, just trust momma.

There ya go, it's a yummy chcolate birthday cake, but what's up with the spoon?

There's my good little chocoholic in training, dig in baby girl the more the merrier! Again, what's up with the spoon?

She's so clean, she's puckered!(sorry had to use the line again, it fit!)

Look at those cheeks, she was saving nuts for the winter! One year goes so fast, blink, and your baby turns one. I love you sweet baby!

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Lisa said...

Lucky 7 seven doesn't even begin to describe her! Such a special girl! Happy Birthday Emma.

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