Sunday, July 20, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

Pretty huh? Colorful huh? Healthy huh? Thanks to Sycamore Stirrings for putting out the RAINBOW challenge and introducing me to Muffin Tin Meals. Click here to join the club. Give it a try my friends, your kids will love the chance to eat with their fingers and not get in trouble! When I saw this cool blog I knew we had to give it a whirl, mainly because we have frequented Sonic, McDonalds, and Subway way too often this summer! Can I just say I love finger food. Once we had an all finger food meal with my bud Jessie and fam. And New Years Eve is dedicated solely to every yummy appetizer finger food we know. So have fun and enjoy healthy finger food on Muffin Tin Monday.


katy said...

beautiful muffin tin! Thanks so much for playing. It'll be posted tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Bobbie said...

nice muffin tin!! My kids love muffin tin monday... though usually it has more sweet food in it thans the rainbow challenge... my older two go to school (it is winter in australia now) and so they were upset at missing out.. so we do ours on the weekend... it is amazing what kids will eat if it comes out of a muffin tin... I am tempted to serve dinner out of it!!

oh and i love your family photos at the top.... so cute... lovely

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