Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday my Rubies, now let's get a haircut

Today are my Rubies 3rd and 6th Birthday, yep, born on the same day. I was just following in the path of my Grandma, her two oldest share the same birthday, cool huh? So to make the day special Hannah and Grace got their hair cut.
Notice the blonde hair at the end? Grace was such a toehead when she was a toddler. For the past year or two I have wanted to cut her hair, but could not part with the baby blondes. She was so excited, I was so hesitant. Oh that first cut put me into a slight panic, zanax please.
I'm not sure Hannah new exactly what she was getting herself into, she never cracked a smile. She was just following her big sis, her "bef friend".
Well here we go, all the baby hair cut off. Do you like? I love it! Amazing how one haircut can change how you look. Now only if I could be so bold, or look so cute.
Happy Birthday my two Rubies!

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Cindy said...

I just melt when I see the 2 of them. The haircuts were unbelievably adorable! Welcome back "firecrackers!"

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