Thursday, September 18, 2008

Visions of Sugar Plums

A little deceiving isn't she. Hannah an angel? NO! She's Mouse On Cheese!!! Nutcracker time, ugh, yeah, ugh, yeah, I'm a Nutcracker flip flop. LOVE watching the children, LOATHE the driving back and forth for practices, but always in the end my love for them and the monkeys love of performing wins out each year.
So here's the run down of who's who in STCB Nutcracker;
Molly-Chinese(yeah, one of my favortie pieces),
Ben-Chinese(groans from Molly, this should be interesting, no smack down on stage please),
Katie-Child Ginger(tumbling is Katie's thing),
Jack-Party Boy(our shy one, always hesitates but always does it),
Grace-Mouse(such a cute part, she'll be perfect),
and Hannah-Mouse on Cheese a.k.a. The roll we've wanted for all our little ones but never had the right age, so every year we beg and finally it happend.
We have decided to change Hannah's name to Rat on cheese, she's a little to hefty to be a dainty little mouse, rat is more like it. I know I groan ever year about rehearsals, try outs, etc., but in all honesty this year a little normalicy and Christmas cheer will help my down soul. I love watching Molly gracefully dance on pointe, she's so beautiful. Katie has always had this talent to dance, tumble, sing, these perfermances just let her shine. Ben is such a ham! Where did he get it from? He just loves to be up on stage, and I love watching him. Jack is so shy, I'm glad he does The Nutcracker, every year I think a bit of his shell is cracked, plus he's such a handsome little dude, how can you not love watching him wave back at you on stage. Grace is growing! My sweet little baby is now a little girl who loves her ballet and tumbling classes this year, Nutcracker will be a whole new experience for her. Little Em will get her chance some year, just wail baby and visions of sugar plums will dance in your head too!


~Trish~ said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday and can I just say...your kids are ADORABLE!!!

theresa said...

Fun times ahead (said kinda sarcastically). Every year I think "I can't do it again next year" we go!!! Anna is a Mouse on Cheese, too! Mike's favorite Nutcracker memory is Maggie as Mouse on Cheese , I guess 5 years ago. Mary is a Party Girl and Maggie is a Big Angel. (she was a baby angel a few years ago...time to re-visit that halo!)

theresa said...

Oh, I forgot! Clare is a snow fairy. That about does it. I had my heart set on Dominic being a Fritz, but he balked at the last minute and wouldn't audition....

Sally said...

I don't envy all your running back and forth, but how fun to have almost all your kids in one performance together.

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