Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Jack

This is my Jack, 4 of 7, mister smack dab in the middle. Out of all our kiddos he is the most like his dad, curious, analytical, figity, skinny little chicken legs.
Yesterday was little man's birthday and for me it was a wonderful day spent getting to know my Jack a little more. Does that sound awful? You should know your kids, right? But honestly sometimes my little ones I feel can get lost in the shuffle. Please don't get me wrong, I am very active in all their lives, but how often do we spend one an one with out little guys (And don't tell me if you go out on weekly dates with each individual child, or that you hold personal ice cream interviews with them, I don't need to know).

He is such a complex little man. All this outward energy, but still so shy and insecure.
He is a purest, plain vanilla ice cream(except for lately, he likes cookies and cream, Duane's favorite, I think a little cancer induced psychology into that new liking), plain glazed Krispy Kremes, only spaghetti noodles(nothing else, nothing homemade), but he will eat casseroles with onions, peppers, and whatnots.
He adores his big brother Ben, tears fill my eyes now as I think how loyal he is to him. Yesterday during one of our little dates I marveled at how often he spoke of Ben, and never in a harsh way. Little man loves and idolizes Ben.
I discovered after 5 years of stewing he still thought Penny's head had fallen off when she died. FYI when your dog dies don't say to your 3 almost 4 years old that her body went to be with Heavenly Father unless you're prepared for years of psychological torment to be done to the little guy. Sorry Jack, I should have explained it a little better.

More than anything I learned that my world has been blessed to have Jack. He was given to Duane and I to teach and love. I hope and pray he always knows how much his momma loves him.


Cindy said...

Oh, not only does his Momma love him, I can say ditto for his Grammy and Papa and I suspect a big ditto from his te-te who still calls him "boyfriend." This was a wonderful blog and a huge reminder of what a unique, talented, wonderful boy our Jackie truly is. Thank you for the happy tears.

theresa said...

We love him, too, Becky! Don't you just love the big brother admiration? Okay, I'm off now for a one on one ice cream interview date with one of my kids...NOT!!!

Sally said...

So I was a little dissapointed at first that there was no muffin tin Monday trivia, but this was defintely way better. So very sweet!

Bobbi Jo said...

Tell Jack Happy Belated Birthday from me. Sounds like a great boy. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

aaronandsharla said...

thanks for your nice comments and becoming a "blog follower" :) You are amazing. I have looked at your blog before and I stole your "Palin button" :) My sis. in law lives in Alaska. Keep in touch;) sharla

Lisa said...

He told me the other day spaghetti was his favorite meal. He failed to tell me it was with no sauce! I had to laugh at that. I love the pics of "Just Jack" He is so sweet and beautiful blue eyes

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