Monday, September 15, 2008

Muffin tin Monday-Sesame Street Classic

Sing with me now!

Five of these things belong together
Five of these things are kind of the same
Can you guess which one of these doesn't belong here?
Now it's time to play our game it's time to play our game.

Do you remember that game/song on Sesame Street? I can picture it now, Bob singing the catchy tune while a box is shown with three things alike and one thing different. Muffin Tin Monday is Sesame Street inspired, which tin contains the different item and how are the others alike? Time for the game. In our tin this week we have american cheese, triscut crackers, celery, chocolate chip cookies, cheetoes, and apple slices. Leave a comment, guess how they're alike and the one that is different. Be a kid again, have fun with your little monkey's! Happy Monday, it's a brand new week!


cul-ture-queen said...

It's apple slices, because it starts with A. Cookies, cheese, crackers, celery and cheetos all start with C!!! (can you hear the Seasame Street kid voice?)

I found your blog from sycamore stirrings, I really like the idea of Muffin tins for kids, so I am a getting ideas.

Jenny in Utah said...

Cute cute cute - thanks for the game!

-Tee- said...

If you want to put a different spin on your game, it could be the cheetos because everything else can be dunked or dipped when you eat it... love the tin!

Tabitha Blue said...

What a cute idea! Found ya on Sycamore Stirrings and I'm new to this.. but love it so far!

Nisa said...

Really? A?
I thought it was the cheese out because it was the only thing that wasn't crunchy. Saw these on Sycamore Stirrings. SO CUTE!

KoryLCorey said...

I was thinking it was the cheese because everything else is crunchy when you bite into them. Hmm I remember the game on Seseme Street being a bit simpler!! ;)

Becky said...

Wow! I totally underthunk(is that a word?) my little muffin tin game. You guys are so clever, but alas cul-ture-queen got it right, everything starts with "C" except the Apples. If only my three year old had as much fun as I did with this muffin tin.

Real Life Roberts said...

you are way too creative to come up with all these ideas...I'm slowly getting to know the real Beacky--thank goodness for blogs!

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