Monday, September 29, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday-Shapes

Was I just over thinking this challenge or was it a bugger for the rest of you? This week's Muffin Tin Monday challenge was SHAPES! How easy is that, right? Well I wanted to find actual foods that were in an actual shapes, not just cut out shapes(which would have been adorable with pumpkins, leaves, ghost, you get the fall theme).
My first thought was star fruit! How cool is fruit shaped like a star, except duh, it's almost October what store in my neck of the woods has star fruit. Next funky shape that came to mind was a pierogi, which we included, but Hannah was not about to touch it.
Well here is our offering for this weeks Muffin Tin Shapes:
  • Square-cheese cubes
  • Triangles- Triscuit triangle crisps
  • Circles- Red Globe grapes
  • Ovals- Cherub grape tomatoes
  • Rectangle- Sugar wafer cookies
  • Semi-Circle- Potato and cheese pierogi

Any suggestions about how to make pierogi's more appealing, they just look so cool. Well we tried.


Sally said...

Yeah for muffin tin Monday. How was your concert? I'm still very jealous. Your so very welcome for the hair cut. Let me know if it scrunches OK or if you think you need more layers.

theresa said...

Well, you just made this one too darn healthy. No wonder Hannah said "eh, I pass". Where are the round chicken nuggets and rectangular fries? How about square brownies? I guess you know how I got MY shape, speaking of shapes!!

Marie @ Make and Takes said...

I love these muffin tin meals. Shapes is a great one to do. Yummy lunch.

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