Tuesday, September 9, 2008

He is so smart- S-M-R-T

Thank you Homer Simpson for that fantastic one liner I use on a daily basis with my 12-year old son Ben. Today his inner smartness was shinning bright. He was bragging to Molly about being eligible for the Duke TIP program, a program to help brainiacs like dork boy succeed in school. So as he was quickly explaining to Molly how his intellect was far superior it came out like this:

Ben: "Hey Molly I have the gift for academically programed children"
Molly: "What did you say?" Already laughing hysterically at this point
Ben: "NO, I mean I'm in the program for athletically gifted children"
Molly: "What?" Laughing amazingly harder than before
Mom: "Dude, slow down!"
Ben: Now joining Molly in laughter and speaking slowly, "Ok, I mean I'm in the program for academically gifted children"

You go Ben and get that gift of academic program and while you're at it lay off the Mountain Dew slushies! It does a Mom's heart good.


Lisa said...

That is hilarious. Yes, Amanda was in that program too and when she went to take the SAT, she forgot her ticket to get in. We now say that she is academically "missed it".

theresa said...

Bwaa ha ha!!! That's great! I, too, use the "I am so smart, s-m-r-t" song when someone has a "duh" moment. Unfortunately, it happens a lot...and it's usually me!

Good for Ben!

Sally said...

Well, whatever kind of program it is, tell him to keep it up so he can get his college paid for some day!

Bobbi Jo said...

Yeah! Good going Ben. I love the SMRT line too. Too funny! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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