Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mrs. Mom

Today my life was straight from a movie. Oh how I wish it were a sappy one like It's a Wonderful Life or a breathtaking romance like The Notebook. Today I experienced a scene from Mr. Mom, just call me Mrs. Mom. Have you seen the movie? 1983 flick with Michael Keaton, pretty funny, but my favorite scene, which is the one I lived today is the school car pick up lane. Seriously people how hard is it to pick up your kid? I caught a glimpse of my friend Lisa attempting to claim her children, even though I couldn't hear her or even see her face, I knew how her conversation with the little 5th grader went. It was something like this:
Lisa: Those are my kids!
5th grader: I know Mame but your not past the cones yet
Lisa: But there two stinkin' feet away!!!!!
You get the picture. Hey Lisa am I right?
So to add humor to this oh so not humorous situation here are 5 things in honor of the poor 5th grader just obeying the rules that I would rather do instead of picking up my kids after school.
1. Dig out a hang nail
2. Step on a slug
3. Listen to Duane barf
4. Argue with Molly about why it's OK to sell Bash Union t-shirts
5. Clean up curdled milk and hot dog barf, thanks Emma!
Wait a minute I did do all those things today, crap! Someone get me a coke.


Cindy said...

I remember a line from the old tv show Night Court -- "It made me laugh, it made me cry, it became a part of me." Well, maybe it didn't become a part of me, but you took me from laughing to tears when I realized how difficult your day was. Call me next time -- Heavenly Father made Moms just for that purpose. I am free to help you!

A Slug? EEEEWWWW been there, done that, way too many times. Is the slime off yet? Oh wait, been there, done that with husband barf, hang nail and milk and hot dog barf. Yep, being a Mom is the 2nd best thing in the whole world. (being a grandmother is the best -- thank you for that blessing!)

KoryLCorey said...

You are way more patient than me. I only have to drop off Gabe and I think the same thing. How hard is it to just open the door and get out. But for some reason parents need to get out and hold there hands up to the door two feet away. So I usually do a zig-zag inbetween cars, throw Gabe out the window and take off. I know the other parents think I'm rude but I don't have all day to sit in line. THis is what makes me make my kids ride the bus home...I am not going up there in that craziness.

theresa said...

Aww....your mom is so sweet! Who do I feel the most sorry for? Duane, Emma, Becky....hmmmm. It's a toss up. (no pun intended!) Praying today is better!!!

Lisa said...

You called it! That is pretty much how our conversation went. Yes, I verbally abused a 5th grader. I'm not proud of it, but it happened. Today, I was number 7 in line thanks to my arriving 50 minutes early. I kept my cool though. I'm so sorry you had a terrible day and I'm glad it was better today. Thanks for feeling my pain with me about the stupid car rider line!

Real Life Roberts said...

I guess I can't complain when there are only a couple of those events that I went through my day today...good thing we have each other to lean on if needed! Your amazing BECKY!

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