Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Days-without The Fonz

The first day of school has arrived and happiness is in the air. I do love all my monkeys don't get me wrong but public school was invented to keep this momma's sanity intact.
We had a great summer full of family vacations, fun and of course staying up late and sleeping in. All of us made a bad habbit of sleeping until atleast 9:00 most mornings, some monkeys made the habbit of 10:00! So to help kick the habbit we made a sweet and tasty insentive to rise and shine the day before school starts and in the process made a few memories and a new tradition.
Krispy Kreme! Am I training Jack in the finer things in life or what. That child is a purest, only vanilla ice cream and only plain glazed hot off the line donuts.
And of course you need to start 'em young. Emma so enjoyed her donut that Molly feed her. Actually I think Hannah was the earliest of the donuts consumers. When I was pregnant with the Hanster she was cooked on Krispy Kreme. I could not get enough of the doughy goodness.
The first day of school arrived without a single problem. No sleepless children(except Miss Em). Everyone had clean socks, shoes, undies(and the boy did change them), brand spankin' new clothes and big smiles that they wore to school. The middle schoolers,Molly and Ben, coordinated nicely for not consulting what each other was going to wear. Can I just gush as a mom, pretty darn good looking kids there, huh?
The elementaries bathed, ate, dressed, and primped without a single whine, complaint or arguement! Can this be my Groundhogs Day? I love that movie, Bill Murray at his finest. Back to my original thoughts, time goes way too fast! Six years ago that was Molly holding baby Grace and know she's going into 1st. Can I just bottle them all up, save them forever as they are, my seven little monkeys. That's what pictures are for, thanks Kodak!


Lisa said...

Very sweet. Love your Krispy Kremers!

Sally said...

Those are some good looking kids! Hurray for School!!!

Cindy said...

I have to say (completely objectively, of course) that those have to be the most beautiful children on the face of the earth! Brains, beauty and personality!!! Look out Duane, 3 years until Molly can date!

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