Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Seven Super Summers Holiday Hilarities

Let the seven super summers now entertain you with there version of the classic Sesame Street Christmas pageant. Do you remember this all you children of the '70's? I loved it and have passed this love on to my nut heads. Poor Hannah, definitely feeling the part, channeling Bert quite well.
Bert(Hannah): Oh, wow. Oo oo, what do I play, Ernie? Santa Claus. No, no, an angel. The spirit of Christmas past, right? Well, who, who, who, who?
Ernie(Katie): A tree.
Bert(Hannah): I knew it.
Ernie(Katie): You just stand here and hold your arms out, sort of tree like. Hold out your arms there, Bert.
Bert(Hannah): I knew it.
Ernie(Katie): Oh, that’s good. Um hm. Now don’t move, Bert. Keep your arms out and try to think like a tree.
Bert(Hannah): Ernie.
Christmas Eve brought matching jammies and lots and lots of laughter, oh it was a hoot. This is what happens when my voice of reason, a.k.a. Duane is gone, the summers children all look like Santa's elves. Ben was tempted to glue his ears together(thanks Anderson Family!) to play the role even better.
These moments have been the lifeline of my entire holiday season, could not have made it with out wacky moments like The Year Mother Went Off Her Rocker And Bought Us Matching Jammies, as it shall now be known.

Awesome! Black mail at it's finest.

Could Santa's helpers be any cuter, I think not!

New Years Eve + Rock band + Apples to Apples + Spoons = A ton of fun, bad singing, stinky rhythm, sore knuckles and some pretty funky pictures of Katie!

Ringo Starr, just watch out, Helga the Horrible is taking over the drumming world.

Did you know that clay was energetic, according to grammy, and that if Martin Luther King Jr. is chosen over Texas Ben will cry? Aaahhh, nothing like playing games at 11:30 at night. As much fun as we had I have to say that by the end of the night all 5 big kids(Hannah and Emma are automatic criers) cried about loosing one game or another. Tell me what I've done wrong? When the last child had cried it was hilarious, they of course did not find the humor in it, evil I guess to laugh at their tears.
One down 49 more to go. That's the new phrase my mom came up with to count down the holiday seasons until I will be with Duane again. Sorry to plug in some sorrow, it was hard to make it through this holiday. You never know how much a person does until they're gone, Christmas and New Years were just not the same without my love.
Enjoy your families, kiss your babies, cherish all you have, and have a wonderful 2009.


Brenda said...

Becky! I made my kids and nieces wear the exact same jammies for Christmas last year--same gender colors, too. Green for the boys and red for the girls! Great minds...

theresa said...

Looks like fun!! I won the bad sport award at my house New Years Eve for pouting about losing at Monopoly (Mike was forming alliances..NO FAIR!)and won as best singer for getting 100% at Rock Band. That is hilarious if you've ever heard me sing. "Roam if you want to" took on a whole new meaning!!! Anyway, I'm glad you had a whole lot of happy to go with your sad. If "Auld Lang Syne" ever brought tears to my eyes before, it was nothing compared to this year....

Bobbi Jo said...

The kiddos look so cute! Love the jammies.
I can only imagine how hard this must be for you and I am truly sorry you have to go through this. I know the Lord will not give us anything we cannot handle but sometimes you have to wonder and think "ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT". You are such a strong lady and I admire that in you. Love you and hopeful it was good anyway. Hugs,Bobbi Jo

Mom said...

Becky, I love the way you take things into your own hands so much. I think it is great to make these special times and memories with and for your kids. I am resolving to do better in the future with my kids...even though the youngest is now 23! Thanks

Mom said...

Becky that last comment should be signed "Brenda's Mom" Nancy

Katrina said...

Great photos, love the jammies! Love the fun times and stories.
Love your blog!
Happy 2009!

Sally said...

Where in the world did you find matching pajamas to fit all of your kids? I love it!! You are such a fun Mom, my poor kids didn't even know they were supposed to stay up late Wednesday night. I sent them to bed at 7:30 so I could finish painting my living room.

Lisa said...

Good to see all of the smiles. You are doing such a fantastic job of hangin' in.

Real Life Roberts said...

Where did you get jammies that fit 2T to a 14 year old! I'm impressed! I love it! With all the craziness, it looks like fun at the Summers!

American in Norway said...

I love the matching PJ's... we always did that when we lived in the US.. I am impressed you could find all of the sizes.
Your babies are just precious... & YOU... are an amazing mother & person...

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