Wednesday, October 8, 2008

W.W.J.D.?-What Would Jessie Do?

I have a fabulous best friend, who happens to be a fabulous mom! These are the moments that I ask myself "What would Jessie do?" Sweet Grace came downstairs yesterday dressed and ready for school. One look at the fashionably challenge child and I couldn't help but ask myself "do I or don't I let her exit the house ready for the circus". Jessie is so awesome when it comes to these parental dilemmas, not that I'm saying her kids are more fashionably challenged than others(love you guys!) I'm just saying she would let her children be their own individual.
So...What did I do. Do you really have to ask yourself that silly question? I made her change of course! I'll be accepting that oppressive mother of the year award now, thank you very much. Is there any hope for me Jessie? Nah! I'm a lost cause.


Sally said...

I wish I was the kind of mom that would just let them wear what they want, but I totally would have made her change too.

Jenny said...

I love it! I so would have let her walk the hall of shame at school in them! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello Becky! We have something in common.... Jessie!

she sent me the link to your blog, i"ll book mark you!

you are amazing! I have been praying for your family.

LOVE this entry and will check in to your blogs from now on if that is okay!

Jared and Elizabeth said...

I guess I don't have enough energy or enough care. Because I have to confess that it is pretty much every other day that Sariah leaves the house with either unmatching socks or bright colored ones. Last year her teacher asked me if she had socks that matched. Of course she does she just chooses not to. So I let her. Oh well! I figure eventually she is going to care and so I'm not too worried about it. But in six grade if she's still doing this then I will have to send for the fashion police.

Jennifer said...

I think the pink socks and purple dress and tennis shoes went well together for a little girl. So cute. She was totally in fashion for a hip kid. They know more about fashion than us old Betties do! :)

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