Friday, October 3, 2008

Chocoholics Anonymous-Reason #159 why I'm a chocoholic, Identity Theft

Bad picture, I know. Sorry no chocoholics recipe this week, just reason number 159 why I eat chocolate in abundance, Identity Theft!
See this dork boy? I gave birth to this child, amazing huh. This past week my middle schoolers were given a 6 week grade check. Nothing for the record, just a report of progress. Ben had one grade that was less than acceptable. We chatted about the problem and I decided to e-mail his teacher to discuss the matter. In the e-mail I invited her to give me a call if she wanted. Well she did.
And....... this is how it went.(Duane did the chatting, I was getting the elementaries from school)
Teacher: "Mr. Summers I got your e-mail and I understand you had a talk with Ben last night. I was hoping that when Ben got to class today he would have a better attitude."
Duane: "OK"
Teacher: "But when Ben came into class today he had a carefree attitude."
Duane: "Really?"
Teacher: "Ben has been very talkative and disrupting the class. He feels he has no friends but that is because he talks so much and tries to be the class clown so much, that none of the other students can get their work done."
Duane: (in shock thinking, Ben has crossed the line, he's being a dork everywhere, he can't stop) "Uh-Huh"
Teacher: "He was even talking while I was trying to teach the class. He was so disruptive that he did not get his work done. This will lower his grade even more."
Duane: "I'm sorry, we'll have another talk with him and I'll have Becky give you a call when she gets home."
So during Duane's father son chat with the boy the teacher calls back yet again.
Teacher: "Mr. Summers I need to apologize and eat a little crow."
Duane: "OK"
Teacher: "I have two Ben's in my classes throughout the day. I mixed your son up with the other Ben. Your Ben is a delight to have in class, he's actually kind of quiet. The only reason his grade is so low......"(sorry our beeswax)
Duane: "Thank you very much."
Identity Theft comes in many forms, this one had us rolling on the floor with laughter. Thanks Mrs. L, your mishap was priceless! Chocolate anyone?


KoryLCorey said...

ha ha, that is great. I bet she felt horrible after figuring out the mistake. I actually was expecting a call or note like that for Gabe, but according to his teacher he is a perfect student and always does what he is supposed to. Hey, maybe she also has the wrong Gabe!!

Lisa said...

That is so funny! She probably wants to crawl in a hole! That teacher probably has no idea that what she was describing could have easily been your Ben!

randi---i have to say said...

Oh gosh, this is funny! It is great that the teacher caught the mistake so quickly!

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