Monday, October 20, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday-A Ghostly Tale

I love the fall. Just look at all the orange! This weekend we did our traditional pilgrimage(15 miles) to our favorite pumpkin patch, and it's an actuall pick your own pumpkin, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" pumpkin patch. We love it!
We had a great time, can't you tell, Emma's modeling the back of her head just like Charlie Brown, and Hannah just wants to let it all loose, oh baby! But seriously I was so much fun and the kiddos worked up a big appetite. Just perfect for this weeks Muffin Tin Monday challenge- Halloween over at Sycamore Stirrings.
Looks a little ghoulish, this mad scientist did a little digging and created a ghostly tale to scare my little goblins. As the tin was passed around the Tale of John was recited and each child touched and even tasted a piece of my dear departed friend.

Here lies John, my dear late lamented friend. I know he wished he could be here before the end. John was a fun man, a giving man too. He wanted to share his body parts with you.

John was a jolly man with a great big gut. Let’s pass around his intestines, just your luck! Fresh from the grave, wet and cold Just a little slimy, just a little old. Twisted and shriveled in a bunch Just like they were after his lunch. (cold cooked spaghetti)

His skin was fair, almost pure white Let’s pass around a piece, no need to fright. Fresh from the grave, wet and cold. Just a little slimy, just a little old. Pretty greasy and dirty, he lived in a cave. Never really had time to ever bathe. (shredded tortilla)

One eyeball went left, the other went right. See poor John had very bad sight. Fresh from the grave, wet and cold. Just a little slimy, just a little old. Handle them gently as they roll John wouldn't like it if they fell from the bowl. (peeled grapes)

Now John wasn't a very smart man. We found his brains stuffed in a can. Fresh from the grave, wet and cold. Just a little slimy, just a little old. You'll feel there isn't much to them Shows the kind of man he'd been. (cold cooked cauliflower)

One thing John was proud of was his pearly whites A good set of choppers kept him fed right. Fresh from the grave, wet and cold. Just a little slimy, just a little old. See his teeth were strong unlike his sight Just be careful when you touch that they don't bite(white cooked corn)

With all his pieces back safe and sound. Time to put him back into the ground. So now you've met my dear lamented friend That brings this haunting to an end.

To round out the muffin tin and complete the Tale of John I added a little liver(spam), maggots(rice), heart(peeled tomato), vomit(bean and corn salsa), finger tips(hot dog tips) and broken bones(shaped bread sticks).

Are you still with me? I know a little gross for the younger crowd but my older monkeys loved it, Jack was enthused about eating all the "body parts", Grace was a tad spooked and Hannah was clueless. The rest were impartial. I had fun!


Mamarazzi said...

cute kiddos...looks like a whole lot of Fall fun!

spooOOOoooky muffin tin...

Sally said...

I love pumpkin patch pictures! Fall colors are my favorite. I think I'm a little spooked by this weeks muffin tin.

theresa said...

Becky, that muffin tin is hilarious! You are so creative! I bet the boys got a real kick out of that story. I know mine would!!! I'm lovin' all the orange!

Nicole said...

You are so creative!! Was that poem your brain-child? What a fun mom you are! Do you give each child their own tin?

Bobbi Jo said...

What fun! Love the Halloween muffin tin, great idea. Hope you are doing well. Hugs, BobbiJo

Real Life Roberts said...

FUNNY FUNNY~great idea for the muffin tin! I think some of my memost memorable Halloween memories are when I had to feel all sorts of "body parts"/food! Your kids have got to be saying, "I have a fun mom!"

Becky said...

Grace went to the calendar and said "mom do we do this every October 18th?" She's all ready for this to be a halloween tradition, me too!"

Dee Light said...

What a great lunch and a story to go with it!! I LOVE it.

jenifer said...
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Michelle Sybert said...

super super creative!

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