Thursday, October 9, 2008

What would Jessie do? Part two

Have you heard the old saying "Goofy minds think alike", yeah I haven't either, but I just thought is sounded good. Anyway Grace and Jessie's daughter Miss M, Grace's counterpart, must be sharing mental vibes, and I stress the word mental. The next morning little Miss M came out dressed and ready for her day at school wearing the latest fashion craze.
Jessie so kindly e-mailed me these incriminating pictures and left this note. Hi, Becky—now you see why I laughed so hard over your blog today! Good thing that CFS (child fashion services) is not part of the DHS in Oklahoma. Feel free to publish or not. Enjoy!
So, what did Jessie do. She did exactly what I thought she would do, let her baby be free! Way to go you liberating mama. Time to bring out that color wheel and teach our ladies how to properly accessorize.

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valgae said...

love it!! the area we live in is so pretentious that there is no way Lexie or either of the 3 boys would be allowed to leave either. lol yep the helicopter mom would strike again!! ( you notice i said 3 boys, yeah...i gotta watch Ed too!!)

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