Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie Rose!

Today is Katie's 11th birthday and to honor my 3rd monkey here are 11 facts about my little girl.
1. She has an irrational fear of aliens. The aluminum foil is example of her trying to keep the aliens out of her brain. Just add a few glasses of water around the house and we are now living the movie Signs.

2. Katie is a hopeless romantic at heart in training. She will giggle at the first thought of romance in anything, cartoons, movies, and especially her siblings lives. Molly REFUSES to unlock her lips to who she crushes on because of the "giggle factor".

3. When Katie was little she had this cool, funky pair of sunglasses. We called her "Hollywood", not just because she looked like a starlet, but that she acted like one whenever she wore them. Fast forward a few years and introduce Rock band into Katie's life and we have now confirmed her nickname "Hollywood" to be even more appropriate.

4. Katie dreaded being the middle child! When Emma was born she was thrilled beyond belief that she no longer held the spot of middle child. Poor Jack.

5. Katie was cooked on cupcakes, donuts, and cookies, that's how I explain to her why she has such an incredible sweet tooth. Krispy Kreme could be the staple to her diet and she would never tire of it's doughy goodness.

6. Wizards of Waverly Place is her favorite TV show so she tells me, but I have to say she is a 100% Doctor Who junkie! She even took a picture of the new Doctor and the current Doctor to show her teacher. What a great sport Mrs. Bennett was, she listen to that silly girl gush over her favorite Doctor.

7. Katie just oozes cheerleader, ballerina, actress, life of the party. What ever that girl want to do she accomplishes, now if I could only get her to desire a clean room.

8. Look at those freckles, I love them to pieces! Katie inherited her Daddy's freckles, his nose and that one crooked tooth, all things that she loves to have of Daddy.

9. This past summer I became known as "Not the Katie, not the Katie!" Do you remember the TV show The Dinosaurs? Emma loves, I should say adores her Katie, and I might add, so do I!

10. Katie is an excellent student, always well behaved and respectful. Despite the hardship our family went through this past fall, she still pulled off straight A's, I was so proud and I know that Duane would have been super proud.

11. Katie Rose was named for Duane's great Grandma Katie Rose. We knew that her named fit perfectly a few hours after she was born. We looked at her perfect, honestly and truly, little round face and noticed the most beautiful rose complexion. She was our Rosie.
Happy Birthday my baby girl, Momma loves you.


theresa said...

That was super sweet! Almost as sweet as your Katie Rose!!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to Katie Rose!
Beautiful pictures!! ♥

Meg said...

That was so sweet and funny too. Every thing is sooooo true about our Katie Rose.

Julie said...

I LOVE the picture of all your kids in the tree! That is so neat!

Bobbi Jo said...

Katie is beautiful just like her mom but I do see a lot of Duane.
She has a lot of the great qualities my middle child E'lyse has. She has a great smile. Tell her Happy Birthday for me please. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Katrina said...

I was going to say her smile is a lot like Duane's. What a cute young lady! Can I have her for a babysitter? I'll give her back, someday. And yes, I have an almost 11 year old, but he's SO not ready to babysit!!!

Jared and Elizabeth said...

Tell Katie Happy Birthday from and Kacey were just talking about her...about how they are only 2 months apart but yet not in the same class and we wondering if she would go to the zoo for her birthday we still remember the one she had at the zoo. Only 1 more year and she will be in she's growing up.

Marrdy said...

Happy Birthday Katie. What a sweet girl!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest Katie ever born! It doesn't take two seconds of being in her company to realize she is a very special young lady. Thanks for the list about her. I'm so glad you had a great birthday with her.

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