Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrating a Life!

Today would be Duane's 36th birthday, 35 years was just not long enough, but 35 more wouldn't have been either. I miss him horribly, miss all that there was to him. His smile, laugh, clicking jaw, tushy, you name it I miss it.
I wanted to share with everyone just a smattering of the life that Duane lived, and he lived truly a remarkable and wonderful life(not meaning to sound like a movie). I hope you capture a glimpse of who he was, what he loved and why he fought so hard to live. Enjoy!
Duane and Darrell, his big brother

The first time I saw this pic I thought Duane had leukemia! He was so bald.

Haven't I seen this face before? Could be any one of my Kindergartners.

We all have those pictures!

Family shot, Duane, Richard, Phyllis, and Darrell

Can we say Ben? or maybe Hannah? heck how about all of them!

Duane named one of his hamsters Tracy after a girl in school he had a crush on.

This was the boy I fell in love with, isn't he a cutie!


Engagement Picture, so formal!

My goofball!

Couldn't have been happier that day! Amazing how you think that you will never love them more than you do on your wedding day, so false! Love grows and grows and grows!

This was taken at our house in Stillwater, loved that little blue house.


2007 Thanksgiving, right after he was diagnosed.

One of my favorite pictures, this was taken in Colorado. I really was a very romantic feeling looking at him for that picture.

Thanks Angela for the beautiful creation. Again this was Thanksgiving 2007.

Our last Christmas together. Duane was reading 'Twas the night before Christmas, his little part of Christmas Eve.

Ben's baptism

Duane and Emma. He loved holding his babies.

Molly and baby Ben.

Our wonderful trip to DisneyWorld. We only had 4 kids!

I don't know which baby that is, I think it's Hannah, but Duane's face just says it all!

Molly and Ben

Daddy and Jack

Daddy daughter dance, just one of many pictures we have. The girls loved going on a date with their daddy.
Molly and Katie

Duane's last birthday. We now prize that superman mug, it's the "special" mug.

Goofball times 3!

That was the best cake, couldn't have been more perfect.

Duane's last birthday at the time I just thought was maybe a little over the top, I mean he was going to live many years passed his 35th. Just one of the many small blessings we were given. I am so glad to have shared his last birthday with so many friends and family, making his birthday a true Celebration of His Life!
Happy Birthday my love, I miss you, I love you, I can't wait to kiss you again!


theresa said...

Becky...hold tight to those memories. I will be lifting you up in prayer today. I know it will be a hard one. I love you!

sandy said...

Thank you for sharing your precious memories with us! {{{hugs}}}

Sally said...

What great pictures. I just can't believe how much all of your kids look like him. Happy Birthday Duane!

Sarah Bowen said...

I love the pictures! Your boys and the younger girls look so much like him! Happy Birthday Duane!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures Becky. Precious memories, that's for sure.

Quin's momma said...

Becky- this was a great post! It is amazing how much all the monkeys look like their Daddy!!!

Lisa said...

Here's to a life exceptionally lived! Happy Birthday Duane!

Anonymous said...

I am not a natural cryer but I have tears streaming down my face right now.... what a beautiful tribute! hugs, prayers and Jessie jokes to you lady!!!!!

Marrdy said...

What a wonderful tribute. I hope you get comfort knowing that you will have your eternal family together again someday. Heres a cyber hug for you!!

Bobbi Jo said...

That was a wonderful dedication to your eternal companion. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pictorial of your hubby.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Katrina said...

Awesome tribute and loved seeing all the photos. Looks like you're a really lucky gal to have him forever. Sorry he left without you and the fam, I'm sure it's for good reasons! Take care, Becky!
The kids definitely have their dad in them!

Pepple Family said...

Such a wonderful post Becky! I really enjoyed seeing all of those pictures. I had to chuckle at the pink bedroom with the border, because I had an almost identical room! Thank you for sharing all of your sweet memories with all of us!

Jessica Kate said...

Happy Birthday Duane!
I'm so sorry Becky. I wish I could make it better. I really, really do. I'm glad you had the love of your life. Not everyone is that lucky.
Tuesday's mama

American in Norway said...

That was such a lovely post.... I know the kids are going to enjoy looking at his... Hugs.. : )

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