Thursday, November 25, 2010


Day 16-Thanksgiving, the day to be truly thankful for all we have, for all we love, for all we've sacrificed and lost. This day i am thankful.

Each year my father starts the Thanksgiving dinner with the humble reminder of the very first Thanksgiving feast. The first harsh winter after the pilgrims settled in the new world seeking the freedoms to worship their God, they lost a little over half the settlements souls to illness and desolate conditions. The food supply was so scarce that some days only 3 kernels of corn were rationed for the days food. With the knowledge from the Native Americans teaching them about this new land they survived and lived to create and flourish in their new land. Giving thanks to God for all they had, the food, the shelter, for the new world to worship him, for the lose of their loved ones now living with him, they gathered together and prayed thanks to Him for the abundance that laid before them. Today I am especially grateful for the hardships those first settlers of this great land went through. I give thanks for them, for their endurance and hard work to settle this great nation. So as I look at those three little kernels of corn I remember that it is worth the struggle, the hardships, that through adversity greatness always awaits. Happy Thanksgiving.


Katrina said...

That's awesome, I'd never heard that story.

Becky said...

I've heard it every year and just took it as gospel, so one year I decided to fact check my dad. Low and behold it really had some validity to it! Makes you really grateful for the spread every year. I'd be such a grouch on 3 pieces of corn.

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