Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scenes from a movie

Day 15-Because just the mere sight of cooking your favorite Thanksgiving dish would send us into a reenactment of A Christmas Story, except eating uncooked stuffing won't give you worms.

I'm a foody, I love to cook it, smell it, think of it and of course eat it. Thanksgiving food in particular makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Duane on the other hand was not a foody. He loved my cooking, ate many a meals happily, but he did not drool, oogle, or even ramble on and on about food. EXCEPT.....for a few exceptions and my Thanksgiving stuffing is one of those exceptions. He would be in the kitchen snatching little tidbits here and there as I would be cooking the stuffing and to tell the truth the entire meal. A little slap of the hand was very much the norm every year. He couldn't keep his hands off the food.

I have quite enjoyed my new quest to find the joyful thoughts of Duane through out the year. I'm amazed at how frequently such little things make me think of him and all the things I know would bring a smile to his face, because they sure do bring a smile to mine. Gratitude is way more warm fuzzy than Thanksgiving stuffing. I'm so grateful for all the smiles my children bring to my face, for the dear family and friends that love me and for my Father in Heaven. Happy Thanksgiving!

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