Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jo Bro's*(insert teeny bopper scream here)* We Love You!

Nothing sums up last night quite like my Katie Rose. I treated the ladies with concert tickets to see our favorite boy band, The Jonas Brothers, and yes I meant "our favorite", I love them too!

You need to watch the videos in order to truly get the jest of Katie's frenzy. The first one cracks me up, the pure 100% delight and euphoria, they were simply just rising out of the stage.

This next one I decided to show you not because of the fantastic camera workmanship but the fact that Katie was shaking by arm silly! I swear between her and Molly I was brutally beaten. They both kept slapping my arm with excitement. And don't get me wrong, Molly was EQUALLY excited just not as frantic about her excitement. It was straight from the Beatles mania i swear!

This last video I think she was about to take flight! Watch her hands and her facial expressions. I laughed so hard, about to pee my pants hard.


Yesterday I noticed that my diamond solitaire was missing from my wedding set. To say the least I was beside myself, looking and praying that the little diamond would be found. But so far no such luck, it really could be anywhere in the house or worse out in the world. I guess I don't really have to express to much how devastating this has been, but to find the silver lining and grace from God, since obviously it was going to fall out I'm so thankful that it fell out on the same day we went to see the Jonas Brothers. The complete sorrow and devastation was lifted away as I watched those 3 boys perform their hearts out.


So Jo Bros, thank you, and WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Cheer Girl said...


Jennifer said...

They are a great band and my girls are crazy about them too! I guess that's a little preview of what I have to look forward to when we go to see Miley Cyrus in October.

Marrdy said...

What a fun concert. Girls and their boy bands!! Such cute videos!

Katrina said...

You are a rockin' mom!
I'm a little jealous that you get to take your girls to Joe Bro type concerts. I only have boys, and well, they don't want to talk about the Jo Bros. And they DEFINITELY don't want to talk about Hannah Montana! Ewwee. (I would love all that!) Eat it up, Girl!

Wunderwoman said...

Hey Becky,
How is everything? You are being missed;) Hope you are all doing well!

Wunderwoman said...

Hey Cookie Floozy, where are you? I miss reading about you and the kids! Please come back............

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