Sunday, June 21, 2009

One year older and wiser too....

Today my Benny Boo Boo turned 13. He wanted aviator sunglasses and "cool clothes, you know mom, shirts that don't hand down real low like I'm 6 feet tall but I'm not" and yes he was that particular, shoot me now. He also had to share his special day with Father's Day, a very weepy day in the Summers home.
One year ago my little man still let his mom pick out his clothes, choose his hair cut and he played with bugs named Fred.

One year later my 13 year old young man went to Abercrombie, got a shag hair cut(blech) and would rather look at cute girls, be cool and try not to be too much of a dork.

Bye bye my little man.

Good bye to a lose of innocence one that no 13 year old boy should go through.

But as the song goes, "one year older and wiser too..."
Happy Birthday to you!
I love you Ben, I'm proud of you and of how much you've grown up. You are wiser and wittier and wackier and 100% completely WONDERFUL!


Marrdy said...

Happy Brithday to the worlds newest teenager!

theresa said...

Becky, he is such a looker! My girls would kill me if they knew I told you this, but Ben's name has been whispered here a lot lately acompanied by fits of giggles. How do you feel about your nice Morman boy with a nice Catholic girl? Do you think that would fly??? We are back in town and will surely see you at the studio!!!!

Becky said...

Basso/Summers what a beautiful combination! Think of how many granchildren we could have!!

Cheer Girl said...


Katrina said...

If I was 13 again (thank heavens that'll never happen!), I would totally think he's a cute guy. He's the type I would have swooned over (in my journal, of course, and to friends--ONLY!) ;)

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