Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It Took Me All Day

Day 29- Because i searched and searched all day trying to find that one thing that made me smile and FINALLY I found it!  My children.  Simple.  Sweet.  All seven of my babies. 

We've been hit with that Mr. Barf Bug once again and it's not pretty.  For some reason puke always happens around 1:30 a.m. in our house and it hit last night in pairs.  I'm tired, cranky, hating barf and ready to go to bed.  I was struggling to find that bit of happiness to journal about.  Oh I was looking.  I looked at my chocolate, nah.  I looked at the laundry accomplished, nah.  Not one thing really was cracking my cranky attitude.

And then I found it.  We had tithing settlement tonight and the middle children and I (for the two oldest and the youngest at the moment are the pukers) met with our Bishop and oh all I could do was inwardly and outwardly giggle at my children (and secretly pray that Hannah didn't make some oddball confession like "mom yells a lot and that's why she can't sing high anymore" which I hate to report, yes she did blurt that out).  Yet despite the 5 year old family secrets divulging, they made me smile.  It was the mix between Bishop almost getting whiplash from moving his head back and forth between conversations and Katie showing him how she goes on point, to Hannah (yes again) saying "your legs are criss cross applesauce!  Why are you sitting criss cross applesauce?" 
They brightened my mucky day and made me glad I have so many goofy kids to call me momma.  Yep, my kids, I love 'em!     

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