Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 23-Because everyone should have this Pug sit on their head once and a while, just saying.

Today was kind of an off day.  I woke grouchy, went to work out grouchy, even watched a sappy movie grouchily.  That probably was my #1 mistake for the day, watching a sappy movie which in turn made me a tearful grouchy.  To add to the Oscar syndrome I was cold and a little achy.  While in the midst of my tearfully grouchiness I decided to grab a comfy blanket and curl up on the sofa to maybe help alleviate some of my ailments.  It was just what the doctor ordered, not because of the rest or even warmth of the bundle it was because of this one pictured pug named Lincoln. 

Lincoln's a real pug, 100% doofus.  Some dogs do the butt drag, he does the butt spin.  He releases his anal glands weekly (gross!), eats thanksgiving stuffing right out of the pan before it's had a chance to get put away and he violates our lovable golden retriever Copper on a regular basis.  Despite all his puginess, I LOVE the little guy! 

So back to my day.  I was softly sobbing on the sofa(I'm fine now)when Lincoln decided to check out what all the hub bub was about.  First thing to change my frown up side down was his little pug nose rapidly sniffing my eyes.  Can dogs smell tears?  Do tears smell?  Things that make you go hmmmm....His sniffing is very intrusive since he really doesn't have a protruding nose so his whole pug face was in mine.  Cuteness, it was, but that wasn't what made me all out laugh.  The next thing I know I have a pug butt sitting on my head and all I could say was "oh PLEASE don't release your stink juice on my head Lincoln!".  So he sat and sat and sat on my head for a good minute or two and as quickly as my tears came they were replaced with laughter. Oh and it felt sooo good to laugh.

That's exactly what my year long goal is all about, finding the little joy and laughter especially when I'm down.  Having a pug butt on my head made my day!  Everyone should get a Lincoln, I'm so glad I have a Lincoln, stinky butt juice and all.    

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Katrina said...

Great post, Becky,and I love that he looks like he's smoking a cigar. ;)

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