Monday, March 2, 2009

Hannah's version of tough love (and an award!)

Shortly after Duane had passed away Hannah began a friendship with Jessica. A grown up woman with big boobs, grey hair and a baby. Did I mention where Jessica lives? My closet, yes you heard me right, my closet. Ahh, the sweet imagination of a three year old. Well for some time now Jessica has come out of the closet(no pun intended) to play with Hannah, join us for family gatherings, and even visit with us while we all piled on my bed. But sadly last week Hannah and Jessica apparently had a falling out.
Hannah: Jessica is mean!
Mommy: Really Hannah? Why is Jessica mean?
Hannah: She doesn't play nice with me and her don't like me! Her is mean, mean, mean.
Mommy: What should we do about Jessica Hannah?
Hannah: Let's put her outside!
Mommy: Outside?
Hannah: Yes(and she opens the door, and shoos out Jessica)
I feel such pity for Jessica and her baby, hopefully they can get imaginary government assistance.

Last week my bloggy friend from Arizona, Bobbi Jo gave me this sweet award. I have loved getting to read and learn about others sisters out and about in the blog world. This is how Bobbi Jo described the award:

"We each have one thing or another that we struggle with , be it a personal issue or family we all seem to come together and support one another.
I love the many wonderful people I have met through blogging. I have laughed daily with some, cried with others and prayed for many of you daily."

I could not agree more! I have been on the receiving end of some great bloggy love from friends where I live to friends far away to friends I have never even met, and I love in return sending out bloggy love. So I have chosen these great blog friends to give the Sisterhood Award to:

Brenda at Three Little Men and Me
Jennifer P at The Peterson's go Public
Theresa at No Bologna Zone!
Sally at Sparkly Squares
Jori at Jeff& Me + three
Kory at Families are Everything
Stacey at The SPASM Family

If you accept this award, the rules are...
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received the award.


Anonymous said...

okay I was going to let the word verification guide me in my decision to accept this prestigious award and the word was SPADSIC which means spastic in my mind, and since I am SPASM then I must do this!

I love your sarcasm... LMBO and will try to get to this tomrrow.. and thanks, I removed my comments ( if you could do it permenatly) b/c I was logged into my other account ::sheepish:

Brenda said...

Thanks Beck! That was so sweet of you!

p.s. How did you know Jessica has big boobs?

jori-o said...

Wow! You made my day! Thank you so much for thinking of me! And I hope that Hannah and Jessica can patch things up. I had an imaginary flock of ducklings when I was Hannah's age...=)

Becky said...

BTW we knew Jessica had big boobs because that's what Hannah said she had, and we didn't even ask about her boobs. Creative three year old?

theresa said...

Thank you so much, Becky!!! Unfortunately, my ADD kicked in before I could get through the instructions to post my award, so I'll have to do it later. I missed you today, too. I had 2 sicklies, and Anna was hoppin' mad she had to miss dance!!

Poor Jessica...maybe you can sneak her back into your closet when Hannah isn't looking! Hannah and Anna are a matched set, I tell ya. She spent an hour on my lap at church making my blouse buttons and the draw string on my jacket have conversations together. It was done mostly in whispers (since we were in church) but I caught the words "mama" and "sunshine". I also heard something about a cute sticker book. (?)

Jennifer said...

You crack me up! Just like the days in Physiology (Do you remember that class?). I hope I spelled it right.

Honey Mommy said...

What a cute and funny story about your daughter's imaginary friend!

KoryLCorey said...

Thanks for the nod Becky!! I feel like I should be in a gown on stage accepting it. Although I have to admit I can't really nominate 10 people, because I don't think I know 10 people!! Thanks for the thought. On a side note, Hailey is getting a little better. She still has her moments, but I think I am just adjusting to her. I am debating about church on go or not to go..hmm.

American in Norway said...

Soo adorable... Hope Jessica can win her way back in...

Marrdy said...

Too funny. I hope Jessica does OK on her own too. But what is she doing being mean? Congrats on your award!

....the Sassy Mom!! said...

Could you email me your I can send you your prize from Make and Takes Giveaway;)

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