Monday, June 30, 2008

Flatlanders Forever!

Here the Summers Family, a.k.a. Flatlanders, embark upon their soul discovering adventure! The mountains of Colorado await with all their beauty, nose bleeds and high cliffs. Can you believe we all cram into our SUV without very little fuss? It's actually true!
You know you've seen way too many Scooby-Doo episodes when all you can think about when you pan for gold is "the miner '49er". The kids had a blast touring a real gold mine and panning for gold. Boy that creek sure was frigid. Momma Flatlander had a little claustrophobic moment while the miner '49er gave us the tour of the actual mine, ack!!
Here the Flatlander children pose for a picture up in Rocky Mountain National Park. Notice how everyone sits on the ground away from the edge? Momma Flatlander insisted, most accepted happily, except Ben "the mountain man" Flatlander who defied his mother and stood by the edge. I think I'm creating a race of mountain ninnies.
The Flatlanders had just a fabulous time at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Ben actually kissed a Giraffe! We could feed and gently touch the beautiful creatures. The zoo was set in the side of a mountain and was truly the most beautiful zoo we have ever visited, and we've toured several.
Well after a wonderful time visiting with Daddy Flatlander's converted Mountain man brother and sister -in-law we decided it was time to return to oxygen and flatland. But before our journey was through we had one more adventure waiting for us outside of Wichita, Kansas. Our friendly SUV decided she had had enough and died right on I-35 14 miles outside of Wichita. Mike, seen far right in pic, the wonderful tow truck/mechanic hauled all 9 and I repeat 9 of us to an O'Reilly's to change the dead alternator. We sat 3 on 3, Molly-Katie-Hannah, Ben-Jack-Grace, Momma-Daddy-Emma, OUCH! We made a funny memory that day, giggling the entire 14 squished miles. Thanks Mike!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thanks for stopping by and also for posting my blinkie! :)

Shan&Quin said...

I seriously got the giggles picturing the 14 mile ride in a tow truck riding 3 on 3! Too funny!

Real Life Roberts said...

Good thing you didn't have a police officer hold up that 2 on 2 ride! Or maybe he could helped... so fun to hear about your trip!!

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